chris gerolmo is a writer/director/producer/singer /songwriter.

when steven soderbergh won his academy award for traffic & dedicated it to everyone out there who spends part of every day making things up, chris danced in his living room & cackled: i do that!

he wrote mississippi burning & miles from home. he wrote and directed the witness & citizen x. with steven bochco, he executive produced the fx series about the war in iraq, over there, wrote & directed the pilot & the last episode & wrote much of the rest of the show.

he also wrote & sang the title song & with the money fox gave him for it, made his first record that year,
i’m your daddy. since then, he’s released a live album called chris gerolmo & step one live on brave new radio, a rock ep called man on fire,  and a kind of an alt. folk ep dedicated to the memory of his wife called a record for joan.

he also has a new rock band called chris gerolmo & g.o.d. they go into the studio this winter to make their first album, g.o.d. loves you.

he’s inordinately proud that his song, over there, was nominated for an emmy, although his tv and movie work has been nominated for & won all kinds of awards, including oscars, emmys, cable aces, baftas, edgar allen poes, golden globes & silver bears.

in the last few years, he’s also started writing a series of children’s books for grownups about difficult subjects, including death for beginners, about the death of his  wife joan & the end of the world for beginners, about all the most serious threats to the planet and the race that are out there right now.

if you’ve gotten this far into his website, he assumes that you have a sense of adventure & some native intelligence, so if you want to make yourself useful,  go the page on the left called complain and tell him what you think of what he's doing.


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