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death for beginners

early reactions

the book

death for beginners 
is the story of chris's wife joan's

long & difficult battle with cancer
it's a harrowing
 & tragic love story
here are some things people have said about it: 


"chris gerolmo manages to record
his thoughts and feelings with heroic honesty
the result is not only transcendent, but surprisingly funny

you won't forget a single entry, I promise."

- steven soderbergh​​, director

"this is a small book with a huge heart
the writing is raw, with a depth, intelligence and wit
that makes the reader forget the brutal sadness of its subject
tt's a beautiful love letter to a dead wife, 
a cathartic,

brutal, honest, infuriating love story."

- christopher kennedy lawford

author of new york times bestselling memoir

symptoms of withdrawal


"i loved death for beginners. i love it for its
beauty and horror and power and wisdom
there is nothing else quite like this book

in my humble opinion."

- bruce eric kaplan

a/k/a bek

new yorker artist

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