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chris gerolmo & g.o.d.

have a new album​

you can download it by clicking on 

charles darwin  

chris gerolmo says...

"this is the best band i've ever been involved with by a bunch. it includes doane perry on drums, who's been the drummer of jethro tull for 28 years, chance wilder onody on bass, a young virtuoso who otherwise spends his time touring asia as an upright soloist with symphony orchestras, paul jr. garrison on guitars, a wildly talented electric guitar-noise stylist whit a background in e jazz, and dr. david baron on keyboards, who's been my main collaborator for seven years, and who helps me keep the rest of the band tethered to the earth." 

"but not too tightly."

here's an early review


I’ve listened to your absolutely amazing album about five times now.  It is a total triumph.  I adore it.  Every single cut.  Your songwriting, singing, and music making have caught up with your screenwriting skills – the full flowering of a mature musical artist.  I Iove the playfulness of “I Wanna Know” (Repeat as necessary!), “Love’s a Catasthophe” (It’s gonna cost me money – at least a legal fee!), "The Mockingbird Song” (Daddy’s gonna buy you a senate seat), and “If I Only Had a Brain” – all original lyrics as far as I could tell, but your bluesy tune and gritty singing make it far more primal and profound.  In fact, “primal and profound” is how I would characterize most of the songs and certainly the overall effect of listening to them together.  “I’m Not Enough” was a literal primal scream with its screaming electric guitar accompanying your feral growl.  “Baby Hang On” and “This Ain’t the Way You Do It”  cut to the bone, but in a softer way.  Three songs deserve special mention because I think they’re all bonafide classics, as good as anything out there:  “When in Rome,” “Make It Last” and probably my favorite cut of all, “There are Songs.”  All three gave me chills.  The last one nearly made me weep.  I think it will in the long run.

To give my experience of listening to your album a little context, last night Susy and I went to the Troubador to see Don Felder perform.  It was incredible.  He’s probably the best guitarist I’ve ever seen, at the height of his powers, playing with a band from the cream of touring players.  A band doesn’t get much tighter.  And most of what he played were classic Eagles songs, all of which he wrote or co-wrote.  It was the Eagles greatest hits, and we were about ten feet away from him.  We were watching a legend do his legendary thing at this legendary venue.  The whole 70's vibe enveloped us and it was kind of like being in a time machine.   So we had that experience last night, and I listened to your songs this morning.  There is no doubt in my mind which catalogue is more important.  You kinda make Don Felder, as much as I loved seeing him, seem a bit like Barry Manilow by comparison.  Just sayin’.  If the Art Gods are kind you’ll have a glimmer of his success, if not a whole lot more.

If I thought you were the most under-appreciated man in show business before this morning, well, I really don’t know what to say now.  I just feel like it’s a privilege to know you, and to be acquainted with so much of your work.

Please let me know when and where CG and G.O.D. are playing next.  Susy and I want to help conjur the Art Gods.



chris gerolmo & g.o.d.

from left to right

paul jr garison on electric guitars​ ​

dr david baron on keyboards & background vocals

chris gerolmo on acoustic guitar & vocals

chance wilder onody on bass

doane perry on drums


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