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creator/executive producer



hbo is taking on a pivotal moment in the history of the americas with cortés, a high-profile drama series in development. it is being written/executive produced by chris gerolmo, directed/executive produced by martin scorsese, produced by laura bickford and executive produced by benicio del toro who is interested in starring as the aztec conqueror.


cortés will tell the sweeping story of spanish conquistador hernán cortés, who brought down the aztec empire; malinche, the mayan girl who helped him do it; and montezuma, the aztec leader he befriended and finally put in chains.


the subject matter has the makings of a compelling drama as cortés’ legacy is a complex one. on one hand, he won mexico for spain and extended the spanish empire. but from the indigenous’ point of view, he was a mass murderer who spearheaded the destruction of one of the greatest civilizations of that time.

the bridge


consulting producer

writer, ep 04, "maria of the desert"

"fx may have struck dramatic gold again. this series is mesmerizing. it sucks you in like a good book and has you yearning for more."



- chuck barney, san jose mercury news/contra costa times, jul 2, 2013



"the bridge translates brilliantly, fitting into its new setting so perfectly, you’d never imagine it had aired in any other incarnation."


- gail pennington, st. louis post-dispatch, jul 8, 2013


over there


creator/executive producer

​"chris gerolmo and tv icon steven bochco have turned risk into triumph, creating what may be the most harrowing and realistic portrait of warfare ever captured by an american television series... provocative, challenging and sometimes heartbreaking" 


usa today


"searing... you won't be able to tear your eyes away... no television show, and perhaps film either, has ever documented the minute-to-minute lives of combat soldiers the way over there does... unflinching."


the miami herald

download chris gerolmo's emmy-nominated title song

"commanding...over there is the most honest, heartrending, gut-wrenching dramatic series about war since hbo's remarkable band of brothers....over there matches its frontline intensity and adds a poignant home-front element worthy of the best years of our lives"



"compelling...the explicit combat scees - artistic renderings of pentagon baattle reports - set over there apart.. smart and engrossing .. expertly filmed battle scenes" 


​the new york times

"an uncompromising, provocative drama... the production, from filming to editing to scoring, is brilliant... it's exceptional television"


​austin american-statesman

"over there is great television: a gripping, exciting, edge-of-your-seat drama." 


​the arizona republic

"the series easily ranks with such landmark war films as platoon and saving private ryan in terms of grit and grief" 


the washington post

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