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chris gerolmo & step one

live on brave new radio

chris's previous band, chris gerolmo & step one
finally released a live album. it's been a long wait, but worth it. 

chris gerolmo & step one
is an acoustic trio featuring
chris on guitar and lead vocals,
dr. david baron on piano and vocals, and randy gordon on percussion and vocals. 

they were invited into the studio in 2008 by brave new radio to record 4 songs and an interview for packaging to college radio stations. but because bnr had booked an entire afternoon of studio time, and chris julian, the recording engineer, was so knowledgable and fast, and finally because the band was so well-rehearsed at that time, having done more than 50 live shows togther by then, they were able to record 10 songs, instead.

when chris was finally able to get new york producer and bass player tony conniff involved in the project, it started to become a record. tony added bass tracks to what the band had recorded live, and the sound of the live studio audience as well, and so live on brave new radio was born.

the 10 tracks are some of chris's favorites of all the songs he's written. they start with "i lied", which chris likes to think of as the autobiography of george w. bush, and they end with the last song he ever wrote for his wife joan before she died, "everything whispers".

if you want to dowload any of the tracks, or even whole album, click on the picture to the right.

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