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a personal note from chris gerolmo

blogs are for whiners.

that said, if you’ve recently seen mississippi burning on tv again, or citizen x, or certain prey, or if you've listened to one of my songs or watched the video of i know the beat of your heart or read death for beginners, and you have something to say about any of it, this is the place to do so. just click on the picture to the right.

i promise to check in & read the blog it will take you whenever i think of it.

and about spending so much time here on the website trying to sell you my songs, well,  who do you think is supposed to support the local musicians you find interesting if not you.  seriously, how do you expect independent musicians to record their material if you’re not willing to blow 99 cents downloading it?

if you're like me, you’ve spent most of your adult life complaining about the stunning myopia of the music business. well, now it’s on its knees, begging you to tell it which way it should go by putting your money where your mouth is, so stop playing angry birds for a minute and buy a f***ing song, will you?

there. i hope i’ve set an appropriate tone for the start of my first blog.


chris gerolmo

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